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Learning Champs

Learning Champs is a unique fun course that enables students to learn more effectively and retain what they have learned. The book is based on recent discoveries about the brain and that each student has a style of learning that suits them best. If students can be helped to recognise that preference and acquire the techniques that best match their own learning style, they become better and more confident learners.



  • Format: 274 x 214 mm
  • Extent: 112 pages
  • Illustrations: Photographs and artworks

Key Features

  • An essential tool for all young learners
  • Based on the latest research & techniques
  • Lively expert text by leading exper
  • Valuable learning maps
  • Fun artwork and photographs
  • Stimulating colourful design

Learning Champs helps students

  • Learn anything faster & easily
  • Remember difficult things more easily
  • Get better results at school with days
  • Concentrate & listen better
  • Become motivated and get down to work
  • Feel confident about tacking any subjec

Champs means

C-confident to Learn
H-home in on the facts
M-memorise it
P-prove you know
S-sit back & think