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Fun to Learn

Fun to learn is learning program covering the pre-school curriculum with a set of four titles for the key levels. Each set has a titles on the alphabet, numbers, activities and general knowledge. The same amusing characters are used throughout the range to provide continuity and to encourage learning. Fun to learn incorporates the latest pre-school thinking in an accessible and appealing way.


Playgroup Set

  • Format: 285 x 215 mm
  • Extent: 16 pp

Kindergarten Set

  • Format: 285 x 215 mm
  • Extent: 32 pp

Nursery Set

  • Format: 285 x 215 mm
  • Extent: 24 pp

Key Features

  • Devised by pre-school experts
  • Careful grading
  • Amusing artwork
  • Excellent photographs
  • Fun approach
  • Stimulating activities
  • Teachers activity guide for the classroom

Interactive Features

  • Smartlinks